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Getting up and having a go


An absolutely wonderful lesson provided by David and Vivien this evening in preparation for Thursday’s storytelling session with Carl from ‘World of Connection’. Fantastic vocabulary focus on words and concepts that were clearly resonant in the group’s own cultures, as well as our own. Stories were planned in small groups and then delivered in front of the class, assisted by bamboo canes, a bucket of earth, some bulbs and grass seeds amongst a few other things. After a lot of active planning we had several short stories. This was so much fun and we are delighted to see the readiness of people to stand up in front of a class and deliver a story, made by themselves – in English. We thank David and Viv for setting up the activities and ultimately the learners themselves who participated so enthusiastically. We are now geared-up for Carl’s session – can’t wait!


Ongoing Storytelling Workshops with Carl from World of Connections

world of connection

For some time now Carl from World of Connection, NIACE and UiD have collaborated to provide fun, engaging and educational storytelling workshops. This has provided our teachers with the opportunity to embed vocabulary and language focus into their ESOL classes in sessions that lead up to Carl’s wonderful storytelling workshops. This is greatly enjoyed by all and we’re very happy to have it up and running again.

Please check the UiD schedule below.

Information on Carl’s work

Connection was set up by Carl Gough to offer a subtle yet potent mix of entertainment and learning. With over 23 years’ experience of working in the arena of public service, entertainment and education, Carl wanted to begin showing how learning can be accelerated through fun and enjoyment.

More about Carl Gough

The storytelling and workshops offered through Connection can therefore be delivered for pure entertainment value or with an educational focus for learning.

Ultimately, Connection is about people. The business is called Connection for the very simple fact that all our services can be used to create:

  • A Connection between people
  • A Connection between people and their community
  • A Connection between people and place
  • A Connection between people and history or heritage
  • A Connection between people and the environment
  • A Connection between people and new skills or knowledge

The services offered through Connection are highly adaptable and we pride ourselves in working with customers to ensure the activities we provide meet your needs as well as that of your audience. We can provide services for any of the following:

  • Education – Schools and Colleges
  • Public Entertainment and the Arts
  • Business and Staff Development
  • Festivals and Community Events
  • Interpretation
  • Community Regeneration
  • Youth Work
  • Therapeutic situations

First Aid Training – More Sessions!!


Following an incredible amount of interest shown in the British Red Cross First Aid sessions we now have a second training planned.

We are very happy and grateful to have such engaging and relevant workshops and training available to the UiD members following our recent upheaval and transition. The folks at UiD have voted with their feet on this course which is obviously very relevant to them.

Many thanks to Liam O’Sullivan at British Red Cross for making this wonderful provision available.

Human Rights Awareness session with BAWSO

An amazing turnout for BAWSO’s human rights awareness session at UiD. With over 60+ people in attendance the relevance of the subject matter to the people we support at UiD is clearly evident. Many thanks to Magda and Veronica.

The content of the presentation was very informative indeed, not only for the UiD members but for our local community volunteers also. Questions were asked and responded to perfectly, giving clear examples that in turn gave our local volunteers an insight into issues surrounding the people they love to support. Awareness was raised all round on a vital subject.

We are hoping to extend some sessions on this with participants taking a lead role. Stay Tuned!!

For more information on BAWSO’s work click here ->

photo 2

Magda delivering human rights awareness session

Football is Back!!

Very happy to say that the weather is getting better and with it comes the return of the UiD football training sessions that are kindly facilitated by Martin, our FA qualified volunteer football coach.

Running on Sundays 2:00pm to 4:00pm The Unity in Diversity Football Club promotes and celebrates fun, friendship and healthy active participation. Thanks to Martin, our FA qualified football coach we strive to improve our football skills. We welcome anyone with an interest in friendships across diverse cultures and the development of their game.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Please remember that it is important to arrive at 2pm so that training can be finished leaving time for a decent game.

Please feel free to download, print and share our flyer/poster

Unity in Diversity Football Training – Poster-Map-Info

Would you like a chip?

Another busy night at UiD with lots of friendly faces. As we are newly re-established we haven’t yet devised a strategy for providing a meal on Tuesday nights. We are nevertheless looking forward to food kindly cooked and brought along to the group by Govinda’s on Thursdays. Once again our volunteers came through and chips were on the table in no time. Did our members enjoy a traditional British meal? Yes of course they did. Are fish and chips actually British in origin? Well actually they aren’t.

Deep-fried fish was first introduced into Britain during the 16th century by Jewish refugees from Portugal and Spain, and is derived from pescado frito. In 1860, the first fish and chip shop was opened in London by Joseph Malin.

Chipshop Supper

A fantastic Fresh Start!

Our first day as an independent group could not have gone better. Numerous volunteers in the group were keen to formulate just exactly how we were going to manage the space kindly provided by the church, and ultimately how to make as little impact as possible for our hosts.

We were expecting only a few people at first but we soon had 40+ excited souls, happy to be in a welcoming, safe and fun space.

We also had two very busy ESOL classes provided by our wonderful volunteer teachers; Vivien and David.

Many many thanks to the whole UiD family, all our friends and supporters for making this happen.

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Please note: All photos are shared with permission