A fantastic Fresh Start!

Our first day as an independent group could not have gone better. Numerous volunteers in the group were keen to formulate just exactly how we were going to manage the space kindly provided by the church, and ultimately how to make as little impact as possible for our hosts.

We were expecting only a few people at first but we soon had 40+ excited souls, happy to be in a welcoming, safe and fun space.

We also had two very busy ESOL classes provided by our wonderful volunteer teachers; Vivien and David.

Many many thanks to the whole UiD family, all our friends and supporters for making this happen.

00 - 02

00 - 01

00 - 03

Please note: All photos are shared with permission


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  1. Great website, Wayne! Glad that we can continue the service to the community. I’m proud to be a member of such a wonderful group!

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