Beginner’s English Class- Meet New Teacher Shawn

With Heidi, UiD’s former teacher, successfully graduating from Swansea University, UiD was short on an English teacher! Fortunately, Heidi managed to find a replacement and UiD welcomed a new member, Shawn.

Shawn is a CELTA certified teacher currently teaching Entry-Level English classes on Thursday mornings. She also has experience with teaching Critical Thinking workshops in Malaysia and likes to incorporate those teaching techniques into her classes to give her students an opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions freely in English. She also likes to focus on the individual weaknesses of her students and help with overcoming them.

Shawn is also very keen on not just teaching but learning herself, and since the group of her students are from all around the world, she gets an opportunity to learn something new about different cultures every week.

Shawn became the favourite almost immediately, with her students willing to change the time of class just so they can keep her! In similar way, Shawn is very proud and happy to see the progress of her students and witness how their confidence in using English is going up. New students keep coming every week to her own surprise. She never has enough worksheets because she is never expecting that many people to show up! In her own words ‘They keep coming and never disappoint!’.

If you are interested in Entry-Level free English classes, please contact or for more information.



Where: City Centre (near the Swansea Bus Station)

When: March 2-3 OR March 23-24 (Two-day workshop)

Time: 09:00 – 15:00 with a lunch break

Topics covered:

  • How to look for jobs
  • How to write a CV
  • How to apply for a job
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • UK work culture and laws

Details and registration here:


As of 3 of February 2022 popular Entry-level (Beginner), English classes will be moved to Thursdays at 10am.

The classes will be held in York Place Baptist Church, York Street, Swansea, SA1 3LZ every Thursday at 10am starting on 3/02/2022.


We are delighted to inform that Unity in Diversity is reoping for its regular meeting days at York Place Baptist Church with Covid Safety Rules in place.

*Covid Safety Rules:

  • Face coverings are mandatory (you have to wear a face mask)
  • 2 metres social distancing in place
  • Temperature check at the entrance
  • A limited number of people allowed in

You are also strongly encouraged to do a Lateral Flow Test before coming to the church. You can get an LFT free of charge at any pharmacy in Wales!

We are lookign forward to welcoming you again!

Team UiD

The Swansea City of Sanctuary Award

Sanctuary Awards are provided by the networks of local groups and the City of Sanctuary UK to recognise and celebrate organisations’ commitment to values and visions of welcome and inclusivity and enable them to become active participants in the City of Sanctuary Network. Any community group, private organisation, public sector service, or other bodies which contribute towards the vision of welcome can apply for the award!

Unity in Diversity has been given the Swansea City of Sanctuary award in recognition of its work and ongoing commitment to engage with and celebrate the positive contribution of refugees and asylum seekers.

Adella and David holding the Swansea City of Sanctuary Award

Unity in Diversity activities abide by the values of welcome and inclusivity while providing a safe place in Swansea for refugees and asylum seekers to come, chat and learn. Unity in Diversity provides a home-cooked meal for the attendees with fun activities to participate in, including Arts and Crafts and Taekwondo, and a Beginner or Intermediate English class twice a week.

And thanks to that Unity in Diversity has been granted the Swansea City of Sanctuary Award once again!

Taekwondo classes at UiD 

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art, that teaches more than defensive fighting skills. It is a discipline that shows ways of enhancing our spirit and life through training our body and mind. It has become a global sport that had gained an international reputation and stands among the official games at the Olympics.

Tae and Kwon mean ‘fists and feet,’ or all the parts of the body that are represented by fists and feet. The second meaning states that it is a way to control or calm down fights and keep the peace. Thus, Taekwondo means “the right way of using all parts of the body to stop fights and help to build a better and more peaceful world.”

 We are lucky enough to have our own classes at the UiD every week. South Korean Master Charles Kim who has been practising Taekwondo for over 30 years teaches the class almost every week. Master Charles Kim has a black belt which means ‘to sacrifice to others those who are in helping’ and he can issue an official certification that is approved by World Taekwondo Headquarters.

There are four belt classifications: white, blue, red, and black that cohere with the Korean national flag. However, many other colours are used to encourage young trainees to keep up with the good work! Classes at the UiD are available for children aged 8 to 12 but only with parental supervision.

Adults are welcome too!

Please sign up by emailing David at

The Grand Garden Opening

According to the representative of the Unitarian Church UiD’s current meeting place, over 80 years ago a pastor of the church envisioned having a beautiful oasis full of blooming flowers, useful herbs, and vegetables at the back garden of the said church.  His dream came true on July 29, 2021, when UiD hosted a garden opening celebration alongside members, trustees, friends, and other guests.

Under the mentorship of Neil Barry, a project officer for the Swansea community green spaces project, the garden started to take shape but then the first lockdown came to place the members were forced to put the project on pause. Once the restrictions started to ease up, committed volunteers and members of UiD continued to tend to the garden and shaped it to how it looks now!

On the day of the celebration, City of Sanctuary Choir accompanied the first official harvesting of the onions that grew in the garden. The harvested onions and herbs were then distributed amongst the guest so everyone at home could try to prepare a meal with locally grown ingredients.

Certificates of gratitude were handed out to the dedicated members to UiD who kept the garden growing and thriving even during the uncertain times we were going through. Thank you again!

‘Let’s Walk and Talk Together’- REFUGEE WEEK 2021

The theme of this year’s Refugee Week was: ‘We cannot Walk Alone’. Inspired by this theme and thrilled to be part of this amazing festival, we at UiD decided to hold our own event on June 17, 2021.

Our own ‘Let’s Walk and Talk Together’ guided walk through Swansea was a successful event full of interesting conversations, historical facts, and laughter!

We started at the UiD’s centre and then made our way through the Swansea city centre, stopping at various points to let out volunteer speakers talk about interesting places in Swansea.

Talking points included:

  • A very insightful lecture about the Swansea Castle
  • An interesting look at the history of Wind Street
  • The Morgans Hotel architecture
  • Dylan Thomas’s Statue selfies
  • A walk through the marina to the beach where we enjoyed refreshments and talked some more!
Refugee Week 2021

The event attracted the attention of our members, including asylum seekers and refugees who are new to Swansea, and gave them an opportunity to get to know the city they are currently living in. It also gave us, UiD volunteers, trustees, and other members, an opportunity to finally see each other in a safe, open space after months of lockdown.

We are looking forward to organising an event like this in near future and we would like to invite everyone to join us!

Photos by Viv Collis 

Instagram: @vivcollisphoto


UiD’s Clothing Bank

Many of you might know that UiD has been running a clothing bank since the Covid-19 outbreak.  This clothing bank provides clothes for members of UiD and it is run by volunteers who help out with sorting, assigning, and delivering the clothes.  

Volunteers Terryl, Ian and Roslyn help at the Clothing Bank headquarters, usually one day a week and contribute to the process at various stages.

From left: Ian, Terryl, Ros, David and Adella

Roslyn volunteers on Mondays and starts the process of unpacking, sorting out, and placing the various donations in the appropriate sections.  Sometimes she might help with allocating requests to members or even delivering but most of the time she helps with Stage 1- unloading and categorizing out.

Terryl, clothing bank volunteer and UiD’s trustee, helps with unpacking and sorting out as well but she focuses more on allocating the donation to people who requested something and making sure that every bag is properly labelled. Putting the requested donations together in the bag and labelling them can be called Stage 2.

Then we have the final Stage 3- delivering the goods to families or individuals who requested them. Ian, delivery volunteer, takes the clothes to the families once a week. Ian really enjoys meeting all the new people in the Swansea area and getting to know their stories while also exploring new places or streets in Swansea.

Donations are provided by local people, communities, or even organisation and delivered to families and individuals in need. Toiletries are added to every adult clothing delivery and toys are put into bags containing children’s load if possible.

Refugee Week

Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival celebrating the contributions, creativity, and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary.

Through a programme of arts, cultural, sports, and educational events alongside media and creative campaigns, Refugee Week enables people from different backgrounds to connect.

Refugee Week’s vision is for refugees and asylum seekers to be able to live safely within inclusive and resilient communities, where they can continue to make a valuable contribution.

The theme of Refugee Week 2021 is: ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’.

Here in the UK and across the world today, we know that it is only by coming together that we will move forward. That when we choose to walk side by side, to share networks and resources, or make space for others to lead, we create deeper and longer-lasting change than is possible alone.

Refugee Week is an umbrella festival, and anyone can get involved by holding or joining an event or activity. Refugee Week events happen in all kinds of different spaces and range from arts festivals, exhibitions, film screenings, and museum tours to football tournaments, public talks, and activities in schools.