‘Let’s Walk and Talk Together’- REFUGEE WEEK 2021

The theme of this year’s Refugee Week was: ‘We cannot Walk Alone’. Inspired by this theme and thrilled to be part of this amazing festival, we at UiD decided to hold our own event on June 17, 2021.

Our own ‘Let’s Walk and Talk Together’ guided walk through Swansea was a successful event full of interesting conversations, historical facts, and laughter!

We started at the UiD’s centre and then made our way through the Swansea city centre, stopping at various points to let out volunteer speakers talk about interesting places in Swansea.

Talking points included:

  • A very insightful lecture about the Swansea Castle
  • An interesting look at the history of Wind Street
  • The Morgans Hotel architecture
  • Dylan Thomas’s Statue selfies
  • A walk through the marina to the beach where we enjoyed refreshments and talked some more!
Refugee Week 2021

The event attracted the attention of our members, including asylum seekers and refugees who are new to Swansea, and gave them an opportunity to get to know the city they are currently living in. It also gave us, UiD volunteers, trustees, and other members, an opportunity to finally see each other in a safe, open space after months of lockdown.

We are looking forward to organising an event like this in near future and we would like to invite everyone to join us!

Photos by Viv Collis 

Instagram: @vivcollisphoto

Website: vivcollisphotography.com


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  1. Good idea! Let me know more. Tom

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