Beginner’s English Class- Meet New Teacher Shawn

With Heidi, UiD’s former teacher, successfully graduating from Swansea University, UiD was short on an English teacher! Fortunately, Heidi managed to find a replacement and UiD welcomed a new member, Shawn.

Shawn is a CELTA certified teacher currently teaching Entry-Level English classes on Thursday mornings. She also has experience with teaching Critical Thinking workshops in Malaysia and likes to incorporate those teaching techniques into her classes to give her students an opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions freely in English. She also likes to focus on the individual weaknesses of her students and help with overcoming them.

Shawn is also very keen on not just teaching but learning herself, and since the group of her students are from all around the world, she gets an opportunity to learn something new about different cultures every week.

Shawn became the favourite almost immediately, with her students willing to change the time of class just so they can keep her! In similar way, Shawn is very proud and happy to see the progress of her students and witness how their confidence in using English is going up. New students keep coming every week to her own surprise. She never has enough worksheets because she is never expecting that many people to show up! In her own words ‘They keep coming and never disappoint!’.

If you are interested in Entry-Level free English classes, please contact or for more information.


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