The Grand Garden Opening

According to the representative of the Unitarian Church UiD’s current meeting place, over 80 years ago a pastor of the church envisioned having a beautiful oasis full of blooming flowers, useful herbs, and vegetables at the back garden of the said church.  His dream came true on July 29, 2021, when UiD hosted a garden opening celebration alongside members, trustees, friends, and other guests.

Under the mentorship of Neil Barry, a project officer for the Swansea community green spaces project, the garden started to take shape but then the first lockdown came to place the members were forced to put the project on pause. Once the restrictions started to ease up, committed volunteers and members of UiD continued to tend to the garden and shaped it to how it looks now!

On the day of the celebration, City of Sanctuary Choir accompanied the first official harvesting of the onions that grew in the garden. The harvested onions and herbs were then distributed amongst the guest so everyone at home could try to prepare a meal with locally grown ingredients.

Certificates of gratitude were handed out to the dedicated members to UiD who kept the garden growing and thriving even during the uncertain times we were going through. Thank you again!


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  1. Fab! Thanks for these updates. Tom

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