UiD’s Clothing Bank Anniversary

May 7th marks the day when Unity in Diversity started helping its members by collecting and distributing clothes. Currently, the clothing bank is operating from a church in Sketty.

All the things donated to the clothing bank are sorted out and then delivered by UiD volunteers. UiD tries to reach out to its members in need either individually by asking what they need or utilizes the private group chat where members can pick what they need based on what is available at that moment. UiD can provide anything from children’s clothes, adult clothing, kitchen & home items or toys!

A big thank you for her hard work in this project goes to Adella! Adella was the one who started this clothing bank and worked tirelessly to keep it going through the Coronavirus outbreak.

And thank you to all the volunteers who help with sorting out and delivering the goods to the members!

Happy anniversary!

Some of the UiD’s trustees and volunteers celebrating the anniversary.
Clothing bank volunteer and trustee Kristina enjoying some refreshments during the celebrations.

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