Intermediate English classes at UiD- Meet Neil

‘Best teacher in the UK’, that is the quote from one of the students from Intermediate English classes taught by Neil. The classes happen every week, still online for now and any member of UiD community is welcome to join and expand their English language skills.

Online teaching comes with many challenges including technical difficulties or problems with accessing teaching material, however, Neil has years of experience teaching online and knows how to engage the students, and how to keep them entertained while presenting new vocabulary or grammar.

Neil uses various online resources to teach grammar, vocabulary or just to check understating of the topic, making sure that the students get an opportunity to be heard and express their opinions.

Neil’s classes are very interactive, with student’s input being taken very seriously and incorporated into the teaching material. Chat is always on, used to introduce vocabulary or just a keep casual conversation going. Students are encouraged to talk among themselves and express their feeling about anything in the class.

Unity in Diversity is happy to provide help with English to anyone who is interested. Feel free to sign up for one of our Entry Level or Intermediate English classes by contacting David at


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