Sentence-Phrase-Word: Capturing the essence of a text

Great activities for our higher level learners 🙂

Art Least

In this post I will describe the Sentence-Phrase-Word thinking routine. It is a routine that helps learners engage meaningfully with a text with a focus on capturing “what speaks to them”. It also calls for them to justify their choices which makes it a useful springboard into a speaking activity.

Step 1
After reading a text ask students to identify:

  • a sentence that was important, meaningful to them
  • a phrase that moved them
  • a word that struck them as powerful

Students can work individually, in pairs or in groups. It depends on how many ideas you want to generate. They can first take notes of their selections and the reason behind them before sharing them with the rest of the class. There are actually no right or wrong answers since their choices of sentences, phrases, and words will reflect their own experience.

Step 2
Students can present and share their…

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