UiD’s Clothing Bank Update

As many of our long-term members know, Unity in Diversity runs a clothing bank in Sketty.  All items donated to the clothing bank are sorted and then delivered to members by UiD’s amazing volunteers and volunteer drivers. UiD still tries to reach out to its members either individually by asking what they need or utilises the private chat where members can express what they need or pick from options available at the moment.

Adella and Tolu in front of the stairs to the Clothing Bank

However, recently UiD’s Clothing Bank has branched out! Members who attend Thursday meetings can browse through a collection of clothes, toys, and other items at The York Place Baptist Church from 4.15pm to 5.45pm by signing up at the door. Only members who signed up for an appointment are allowed to venture upstairs and browse through the selection of goods. 

Tolu posing in front of the clothes from the Clothing Bank

This smaller Clothing Bank at The York Place Baptist Church is run by our amazing volunteers: Tolu, Shahee, Drita, Drakshan, and Katy. A big thank you goes to all the ladies for keeping up the hard work!

Tolu and Simona in front of the stairs to the Clothing Bank

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