Special 2020 Christmas with UiD

When Wales came to stop on 20th December 2020 with full lockdown once again Unity in Diversity did not stop with its activities and carried on with spreading positivity. A new goal was set: to still make December a magical time of the year for everyone, especially for the members of the UiD community.

These amazing gift bags provided by donations from various organisations served as Christmas present for over 450 people at over 120 addresses. So, a massive thank you goes to Sketty Uniting Church, Gellionnen Unitarian Church and the Hay, Brecon and Talgarth Sanctuary for Refugees and without 60 food hampers donated by Parklands Church, Sketty. Your generosity is astonishing!

The present were distributed by UiD trustees and volunteers, with one of them dressed very thematically to cheer up anyone passing by, and to bring the essence of Christmas to every household visited. Even though Christmas 2020 proved to be different and challenging compared to other years, there is a light at the end of every tunnel and year 2020 ended on a light-hearted and good note for Unity in Diversity.

Photos by Viv Collis 

Instagram: @vivcollisphoto

Website: vivcollisphotography.com


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