Come along to one of our meetings and meet the amazing Hazle.

Hazle has turned into our resident librarian. Thanks to her Unity in Diversity now has a ‘Books to Borrow’ service with books tailored to low-level learners.  It is highly motivating for foreign language learners to discover that they can read in English and that they enjoy it. For this reason, it is essential that the books are interesting to students and at a level appropriate to their reading ability. If students find the books compelling and interesting and can understand them, they may become more eager readers. Books provided by Hazle have been adapted by avoiding using difficult grammar and vocabulary for people learning a foreign language.

Since it is a borrowing service you will be asked to sign in with your details and return the book within two weeks. If you don’t finish it in two weeks, you can renew it by informing Hazle.

So, come along one Thursday to see what books are waiting for you! We have classics like Sherlock Holmes, romance novels and more just waiting for you to read.


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